25 Random Things About Me

I confess…I am a really bad blogger.  But due to pressure from numerous people on facebook here are 25 Random things about me.  I’m warning you…boredom may result from reading this.

1. I have been married for 11 years to Christie. Most people know her now as C.C. However, I met and fell in love with her as Christie and I have not caught up yet. This causes some confusion at times since people think I am married to Christie but live with a girl named C.C. (or vice versa), but I promise they are the same person. She will be doing her CPE residency at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock starting in August. She is far smarter than I am as well as being the most beautiful woman in the world.

2. I have a daughter named Damaris (from Acts 17:34) who is beautiful like her mommy and also smarter than me.

3. Christie and I have lost three children to miscarriage (Jordan Taylor, Micah Jayden, and Noah Avery) and have had a failed adoption. I still miss our babies. I have noticed that talking about this tends to make some people uncomfortable. However, our loss here is a big part of our story of God’s faithfulness to us. We thank our friends who journeyed with us during these years.

4. I love theology! My aim is developing a comprehensive theology of community that can find application within church, life, and mission in the postmodern context grounded in a Trinitarian framework. Theology should not be static but should be an ongoing conversation that is grounded in the past, gives us wisdom for the present, and prepares us for the future. Theology is not only about doctrine but also about praxis – not just theory but also theatre. It is not only about the answers we have but also about the questions we ask. Ok, sorry for the mini-sermon.

5. My favorite area of theology is the doctrine of God and more specifically Trinitarian theology.

6. I have a BA and a MA in Religion from Wayland Baptist University and I am now getting a MDiv from Logsdon Seminary but I am not done yet. One of my goals is to do a PhD in theology and be a professor of theology. But the realization that I have to learn German for my PhD sends chills down my spine. German scares me!

7. Another one of my goals is to start a church. I believe whatever theological reflection we do must be for the church.

8. I am a terribly slow reader but I love books. I am trying to discipline myself to read faster but most stuff I like to read is just not a fast read. I like to read books having to do with the emerging church, missional theology, postmodern philosophy and theology, and Trinitarian theology.

9. Christie says that I have WAY too many books but I don’t think you could ever have too many books. Currently the list of books that I want to get has around 300 books on it. It wasn’t that big always but I took an interest in theological hermeneutics and narrative theology so it grew a bit…ok, a lot. While adding books for that I added some others in other areas as well. I can be found perusing amazon.com frequently looking for books I might want. My excuse: “I will need these for my PhD dissertation.”

10. Stanley Grenz is my favorite theologian. If you know anything about Grenz you will realize that #5 and #10 go together. Other favorites of mine are Miroslav Volf, Jurgen Moltmann, Scott McKnight, N.T. Wright, John Zizioulas and Dan Stiver! The list could go on but that’s enough for now.

11. I don’t like the way theological labels are used most of the time – as straw men to discount rather than for understanding. I do, however, like to see the looks on people’s faces when I call myself a “Postmodern Calvinist.”

12. I can grow more hair on my face than I can on the top of my head. However, I never get self conscious about being bald unless other people tell me I don’t need to be self conscious about being bald. Seriously though, I don’t remember the last time I actually paid for a haircut.

13. I have had facial hair of some sort since 1995 when I grew my beard out for a beard growing contest in college. My mom didn’t like it but apparently a certain girl liked my facial hair. We got married and she thinks my goatee is sexy! I am just looking for an excuse to grow a big, bushy mountain man beard…or at the very least to grow out my goatee.

14. I love the beauty of the mountains and would love to live in the mountains. I also get really jealous of people who live in the mountains.

15. I really want to live in Colorado, which is understandable since it has mountains. To this end I am considering applying to a PhD school in Denver. Colorado…mountains…theology…PhD…it just might be heaven! Plus if I lived in Colorado I would have an excuse to grow a big, bushy mountain man beard.

16. I have always feared that I am not smart enough. I had to take remedial reading and speech classes in elementary school because I my teachers thought I read to slow and I stuttered. They thought I might be “challenged.” I still read slow and sometimes evidence of my stuttering comes out in one to one conversations but not often. Interestingly I don’t stutter when I preach, teach, lecture a class, or talk about theological stuff.

17. My favorite two college football teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Colorado Buffaloes. Yes, I know they are rivals and that it’s not proper practice to be fans of both, but I am OK with the tension.

18. My two favorite NFL teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. Neither one of them did any good this year. I think that probably Denver shouldn’t have fired their head coach but it may be an opportunity for Dallas since they can now fire their head coach and pick up Denver’s old coach.

19. I work at Wal-Mart to pay the bills and can’t wait till the day comes when working there will no longer be necessary.

20. I love Siberian Huskies. If I lived in Colorado I would have an excuse to have one. In the meantime I’ll just have to be content with my Siberian Husky Beanie Babies and Webkinz (don’t laugh!).

21. I love sci fi shows. I am a fan of all the Star Treks (except the first one!), Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Heroes, and LOST. The Sci-Fi channel rocks! I also like shows like NCIS, CSI, and Numbers. I don’t really like “The Office” and never understood what all the fuss was about.

22. Christie and I are both being ordained by our church, Crosspoint Fellowship, March 22nd. We’re being ordained in the same service, at the same time, TOGETHER! Is that not the coolest thing?!?!

23. I can totally rock out to old school DC Talk. Yo…luv is a verb!

24. I have a tattoo. It is a triquetra (or a Trinity knot) with YHWH overlaid on top of it. It was my Christmas present from my wife. So far only one person has thought it was a satanic symbol.

25. I think that Dr. Pepper has to be the most perfect drink ever. 23 flavors of heaven!!