About Me

Greetings! I’m Russell Almon. I am blessed to be married to C.C. We’ve been married for 12 years (September 20, 1997). We have one daughter named Damaris Mikaelia (10 years old – born October 13, 1999). We homeschooled Damaris through the beginning of fourth grade (at which time she was actually a year ahead).  While in Abilene we enrolled Damaris in Ortiz elementary in the fourth grade and she excelled greatly. She is now at Dulles Elementary in Stafford. Both Damaris and C.C. are way smarter than I am.

Our children who are no longer with us but that we still love so much are: Jordan Taylor (due on earth May 11, 1999, born into heaven September 1/2, 1998), Kerioth Cherie (born November 29, 2000 – failed adoption), Micah Jayden (due on earth September 20, 2001, born into heaven late January, 2001), and Noah Avrey (due on earth September 1, 2004, born into heaven late January, 2004). Its been my experience that mentioning our babies makes some people kind of uncomfortable. But a parent never forgets their child and all parents want their children to be remembered. Our babies are an important part of our story and of how God has brought us through. So for us, when we remember them, we remember God’s faithfulness to us.

We just recently moved to the Houston area (Stafford to be specific). We moved here from Abilene, Texas where C.C. and I attended Logsdon Seminary. I worked as a graduate assistant for two of the theology professors and completed my Master of Divinity degree in Pastoral Ministry. My main goals are to do a PhD in theology and teach as well as plant a missional church in the future. C.C. completed her Master of Divinity degree in Spiritual Care. Currently she is doing a first year chaplaincy residency at St. Lukes Hospital in downtown Houston (hence the reason we moved to the Houston area). We don’t know yet what we are doing after her residency is done, but after dealing with the humidity in Houston I am hoping for a move to Colorado (cold weather, mountains, and snow)! 🙂

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Man, I need to update this. Colorado is still a dream of mine but for now and for various reasons I think that we’ll just have to be content with visiting the mountains. But you’ve peaked my curiousity…what specific group outside my current denominational structure are you thinking of – if I may ask?

  2. Hey Russell,

    I enjoyed reading a bit on your blog. I’m a pastor in Alabama and am wondering if I could use a graphic on your website that is simply labeled the kingdom of God.

    Thank you for responding in advance.

    By His grace,


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