While DesperateTheologian is here primarily to be a way for me to present and develop my own theological views, I believe that theology is best done in a conversation. Because of that I hope that many will want to join in on the discussion and post comments to what I have to say. I want everyone to feel welcome to comment here, to make a point, or ask a question. In order for the conversations that develop here to have free and open exchange I ask that all who do comment please follow the following guidelines.  These guidelines are not meant to stifle what others have to say.  Nor do I want DesperateTheologian to become known as the “no fun” blog.  I just want to be sure that all who want to join the conversation feel free and safe to do so.  And yes, I will follow these guidelines as well.

10. Thou shall refrain from the needless use of the “H-bomb.” Far too many in the blog world resort to calling others they don’t agree with “heretics.” I want discussions here to be different. I’m not saying there is no such thing as heresy, just that we need to be careful not to toss the “heretic” label around willy-nilly.

9. Thou shall refrain from personal attacks and name calling.  Keep comments focused on the subject at hand.  Do not try to “win” by putting others down or other such juvenile tactics.  When this happens no one really wins and everybody loses.

8. Thou shall refrain from being a know-it-all.  I don’t…you don’t…none of us know it ALL.

7. Thou shall refrain from slanderous remarks or comments.  Just like there is no need to put others down there is no need to attack another person’s character.

6. Thou shall refrain from being closed minded.  Realize that others may disagree with you.  If you are the legalistic or sensitive type be aware that you may not be happy here.

5. Thou shall conduct oneself in accordance with Christian love, community, and conversation.  The use of humor and satire is not expressly forbidden (sometimes humor and satire are timely and can relieve tension), but we should never “chide” another or joke at their expense.

4. Thou shall feel free to disagree honestly but take care to express one’s disagreement responsibly.  Be humble and value your brother or sister in Christ over the point you’re trying to make.

3. Thou shall be open minded and understand that none of us has all the answers.  Commit to learning from others (even those you don’t agree with or who don’t agree with you) and contributing constructively to the conversation.

2. Thou shall be irenic in tone. It is striking the way people will talk to each other in online venues when they can’t see each other. Be respectful and tame your tongue (or keyboard) if you need too. In other words, just be nice.

1. Thou shall comment to the glory of God above all else. If a comment does not represent God well, don’t post it.

In essentials, unity – in nonessentials, liberty – in all things, love.

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