Karl Barth on the Task of Evangelical Theology

Below is a video of Karl Barth’s lecture on evangelical theology given April 23, 1962 in Chicago and April 29, 1962 in Princeton.

A Reformed theologian to be sure, his theology is still of a much different flavor from much (most?) of contemporary (and popular) North American Calvinism. In my opinion, while not perfect (who is), Barth is a virtuoso theologian even in his imperfections. Those who would aspire to be ‘evangel’-ical theologians and speak well of the ‘the God of the gospel’ known in Jesus would do well to listen closely to Barth.

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BTW: You can get all 14 volumes of Barth’s Church Dogmatics at a terrific value here (I got these for my birthday May 2011 because my wife loves me!). You can also join Daniel Kirk as he reads and discusses Barth’s Dogmatic’s from the perspective of narrative or ‘storied’ theology here.