John Milbank – Radical Orthodoxy

I remember when I first read Theology and Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason by John Milbank. It was a thick read (still is) and it blew my mind (still does) but one that was part of my own maturing as a theologian (and still is). There are three themes that I initially came away with from reading Milbank that have endured for me:

1) a participatory and incarnational sacramentalism that is part of creation itself,

2) a trinitarian ontology, and

3) the importance of liturgy and our existence as ‘liturgical’ creatures before we are even linguistic/language creatures.

Milbanks ideas have become a movement known as Radical Orthodoxy. Below is a video where you can be introduced to Milbanks ideas, including the three I listed above, in about 15 minutes (either enjoy now if this is your thing or save it for later if you find it boring and need help sleeping :-)).

PS: Also be sure to take a look at one of my favorite engagements with Radical Orthodoxy – Introducing Radical Orthodoxy: Mapping a Post-Secular Theology by James K.A. Smith. Very good!