LorelaiCC My wife C.C.
Princess Damaris My daughter Damaris
James’ MySpace My brother James
Michael’s MySpace My brother Michael

Dann Wigner’s Xanga Dann Wigner
Bein’ Franklin Lori Franklin
Natural Blogarithms Scott Franklin (work)
Zone Defense Scott Franklin (family)
Adventures in Crunchy Christian Parenting Amanda Leggett
Massive Truth Kevin Leggett
Reverend D Daniel Dotson
Skidiamonds Nadia Lambert

Biblical Theology After Christendom in a Narrative-Realist Mode Andrew Perriman
Open Source Theology
Living in Tasteful Design Paul Glavic
Jesus, the Radical Pastor John Frye
Recliner Ramblings Michael Cline
Jesus Manifesto
The Ooze
Pomomusings Adam Walker
Reclaiming the Mission David Fitch
Baptimergent Zach Roberts
Dogwood Zach Roberts
Mad Church Disease
Flower Dust Anne Jackson
The Church and Postmodern Culture: Conversation
Emergent Village
Resonate Soapbox Missional Canadians
Knightopia Steve Knight Tony Jones
Tall Skinny Kiwi Andrew Jones
Brian McLaren
Vintage Faith Dan Kimball
Schlog Shaun Groves
Doug Pagitt
The Forgotten Ways Alan Hirsch
And Dwight Friesen
Jesus Creed Scot McKnight

Theology/Ministry/More Missional/Etc., Etc.
The Christian Vision Project Christianity Today
Out of Ur Christianity Today
Ancient Evangelical Future David Neff
Parchment and Pen C. Michael Patton and others
The Submerging Influence
Prof. John Stackhouse
Prof. Kyle Roberts
Prof. Ben Witherington
Quadrilateral Thoughts Prof. Ken Schenck
Prof. J.P. Moreland and others
Faith and Theology Ben Myers
Addenda and Errata InterVarsity Press Blog
Internet Monk: Dispatches from the Post-Evangelical Wilderness Michael Spencer
Jesus Shaped Spirituality Michael Spencer
Church Leadership Conversations Andy Rowell
Narrative and Ontology Peter Sumpter
SBC Outpost: Southern Baptist News and Commentary
Reformissionary Steve McCoy
Confessions of a Christian Hedonist Bradley Cochran
First Things
Christians in Context: From Orthodoxy to Orthopraxy
Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank A Lifeway Research Blog Ed Stetzer
Acts 29
The Resurgence Mark Driscoll
The Kuiperian Blogger Vince Kuiper
Church Matters: The 9 Marks Blog Mark Dever and others
T4G – Together for the Gospel
Al Mohler
Desiring God Blog John Piper and others
Conservative Reformed Mafia
Ragamuffin Soul Carlos Whittaker
Without Wax Pete Wilson
Deadly Viper
Mere Orthodoxy
The High Calling
The Evangelical Outpost Joe Carter
Society of Evangelical Arminians

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